LinkAdage – The oldest name in the text link business

d4This past decade , I have been involved in the ever changing business of text link advertising. I seen the days where garbage links could get you ranked number one and have seen the days where a competitor can get your site banned by pointing those same garbage text links at your website.I?ve attended and spoken at web marketing conferences such as the search and marketing conference, PubCon. I am obsessed with learning how to create link profiles that thesearch engines will love. I constantly read, discuss, test, and implement what works.

LinkAdage first started in 2003 as a Text Link Auction site “LinkAdage Auctions”. We then changed to a text link classified site and text link brokerage. Now, in 2016 we decided to use our skill to personally build links for our customers. Text link building is much more complicated than even a few years ago and the days of self service are long gone.

WhyChange Linkadage?

We felt it was time for a change. Instead of helping the masses, our goal now is to only help select customers. We will only take you on if you have a quality website that we believe our link building service will help. If you have a crappy website, don’t bother contacting us because we can’t help.


Our3 step process:

  • Review your web site
  • Determine the Link Profile that will best work for you.
  • Build the links over time.
  • Teach you how to get more natural free text links.


Please give me a call at (313) Coming soonor fill out our contact form. I would love to discuss how we can help you improve the Internet side of your business.

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