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16 Finance Websites PR2-5

Sat, 02/18/2012 — 05:12
Joined 02/18/2012
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Short Description: 16 finance websites across 11 IPs with pagerank and visitors. Discount for bulk link buys.
Price: $50 per Month
PR: 5
Age of Site: Two Years
Maximum Paid links on page: 10
Type of website: Finance
Description: We have 16 Finance websites ranging in PR from 2-5. Each has backlinks, each has visitors and they are spread across 11 IPs. We can provide one banner advert above the fold for $75 per month per site and up to 10 text link adverts with some text for $50 per link, per month, per site. Each advert is sitewide (homepage and articles, not contact/terms/etc. pages) ranging from 5 to 30 pages per site. If you only want a homepage link, not inner pages as well, please let me know. Most inner pages have their own pagerank and new pages/articles are added monthly with your advert automatically showing on each newly created page.
Bulk buys of 10+ links/banners per month receive a 30% discount. A link on each of the 16 sites gets the special rate of $400 per month (50% discount).

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